10 most unusual prisons

10 most unusual prisons

The prison is a kind of lottery. Rob shop in one city, and you will spend time like everyone else: working in the yard without any soul. But rob him in a friend, and you will be sentenced to ten years of madness. Sometimes prisons are rather strange.
Really weird. Here are ten of the strangest places to go.

"Holiday prison" (Norway).


If you are going to serve time with the love of God, do it in the town of Basto, Norway. If you believe in God, then why do you need security, the local police thought so, and how could you have a decent recreation area where you can think about forgiveness. Yes, this is a real Norwegian prison that may seem like a recreation center for believers.

But you will be wrong: there are murderers, rapists and all kinds of vile, most disgusting people who you don’t want to spend time with a beer. Chambers contain desks and flat-screen TVs; there are no bars on the windows; and professional cook courses are available for everyone.

But all this has a meaning.In Basto send criminals who have embarked on the path of correction. The idea is to give them responsibilities that will bring them back to the real world and turn them into law-abiding members of Norwegian society. What are they taught? Professional farmers come to this prison, and more specifically professionals to care for young calves. Yes, you understood correctly: in Norway, the killers are given animals to take care of. The strangest thing: it really works. The “graduates” Basta have the lowest repeat crime rate in all of Europe.

Prison "Revival of the Dark Knight" (Rwanda).


Remember what prison Bane threw Batman in the middle of The Dark Knight's Rebirth; the one that was actually hell on earth?

Meet her real equivalent. Jitarama City Prison in Rwanda is a little better than a dirty hole in the ground. Unfortunately, this hole is currently “populated” more than 20 times denser than it was originally laid.

The result was all kinds of indescribable suffering. Mass illnesses are constantly breaking out and the question of just eating is everywhere. The press leaked messages about acts of cannibalism.

And this is not to mention the general conditions: only one room with a dirt floor and worms crawling over people. If there is a place on Earth where you do not want to ever go, then you have just read about it.

Prison to order (Pitkairn Islands).


The Pitcairn Islands are a remote chain of islands in the empty waters of the Pacific Ocean, with a population of about 60 people. In 2004, it was proved that every tenth islander committed some sexual activity with underage girls. And the problem of punishment arose.

There is really no judicial authority in Pitcairn. The inhabitants are descendants of the Bounty rebels, and no one was sure under whose jurisdiction the islands were. Ultimately, the UK agreed to prosecute the perpetrators, and it became apparent that there was nothing resembling a prison in Pitkairn, and they had to build it.

Thus, in 2006, a group of contractors and jailers flew out of the UK - who were to build a prison from scratch, enclose ten percent of the islanders, and then guard them until they were released several years later. Currently, the islanders are planning to turn the now empty prison into a cafe or a boat club, an intention that seems to belacks planning and common sense.

Prison with own golf course.


The Louisiana State Prison is an ordinary place to serve a sentence. However, there is an unusual way of spending time for the inhabitants, which any hotel can dream of, in the same Sochi. Yes, there is a golf course in the prison.

This is not a joke, this prison is probably the only prison with maximum security on Earth with a custom-made golf course, and as you may guess, it is not accessible to all inhabitants. The building has its own radio station, printing press, television studio and airstrip. Basically it looks like a damned fully functioning city, only it is filled with the most brutal criminals and thugs.

Prison with its own mental disorder.


Imagine a prison so inhuman, with such a psychologically brutally brutal treatment of prisoners, that a mental disorder was named after her. Now, where do you think such a terrible place might exist? Somewhere in Russia? Syria? Iraq

United States.The Pelicans Gulf Prison is notorious for its section of solitary confinement (SHU) - where prisoners are denied contact for 22 hours a day, kept under fluorescent lamps away from the sun and released for training once a week. The results, as you might expect, are unpleasant. Prisoners often suffer from SHU syndrome; it resembles the syndrome that combat veterans and survivors usually suffer from after being on the verge of death.

So remember: if you are going to get drunk and steal a road sign, just make sure that you are not in the jurisdiction of the Pelican Gulf when you do this.

Prison "For two".


Sark is a tiny island between the UK and France. Its population is less than 600 people, and this was the last place in Europe that destroyed the feudal system in favor of democracy, the first elections were in 2008. And here there is a strange, eccentric prison that you might have mistaken for a half-empty British outpost from the past.

On the one hand, it looks like a public toilet. On the other hand, is a tiny copy of the prison.The only place on the island where you can keep drunkards is capable of keeping a maximum of two people. This officially makes it the smallest and most stupid detox prison in the world. Congratulations Sark.

The corrupt prisons of Mexico.


Mexican prisons are notorious for their overpopulation and cruelty. However, this is only one side of the coin. Another is that Mexicans have the most comfortable prisons on Earth thanks to unprecedented levels of corruption.

In July 2011, officials discovered the existence of a secret lottery managed by prisoners in Sonora, which allows them to “win” a luxury camera with its own refrigerator, TV, DVD player and air conditioning. But this is nothing compared to the surprise that the commission awaited in the prison of Acapulco. According to the BBC, officials found: “100 plasma televisions, 19 prostitutes, 2 bags of marijuana, and 100 roosters for cockfighting.”

Naked prison.


There is nothing funny about imprisonment at Chikurubi Prison - the infamous hellhole of Robert Mugabe on the outskirts of Harare. Here, disease, filth and violence are constant companions of prisoners; the temperature often drops below zero, and prisoners, as it has become known, live up to two years without sunlight.However, nothing compares to the strangest aspect - new prisoners are obliged to spend absolutely naked for more than a year.

Seriously. In 1988, Kevin Woods, Michael Smith and Philip Conjvayo were imprisoned in this prison. For the first eighteen months they were forced to walk with a naked torso. Even when the temperature dropped below zero, they were refused blankets or even a rag to cover themselves. How they ultimately got clothes is a mystery, but if there is anything worse than holding a year and a half naked in a strict African prison, we should find out about it.

Prison "Hole of pleasure."


Like most African prisons, the Mpimba Prison in Burundi is an unpleasant place. People are there illegally, children are born and die within its walls, terrible abuses and harassment are common. At the center of all this decline is one of the strangest existing barriers.

Originally designed to separate men and women, the wall that nipped in the middle of a prison has since become leaky as a sieve. The idea is that prisoners line up on either side and - how to say it - release their tension through the wall.The result is a disturbingly high rate of pregnancies among the female population. The guards do absolutely nothing to prevent this practice, even sometimes they use the wall themselves. This is a functioning pleasure hole in the center of one of the most crowded existing prisons.

Pirate paradise.


Seychelles is one of the smallest countries on Earth, a tiny island paradise off the coast of Africa. Most of the money comes here in the pockets of tourists. The Seychelles is loved by Russian oligarchs and powerful stockbrokers who roll off to $ 4500 a night. However, the republic is also the birthplace of a special "pirate prison", built exclusively for the maintenance of Somali pirates.

What this prison looks like - imagine a grove of bananas, benches on which cruel raiders sit, idly sunbathing and waiting for the day of judgment. According to a BBC correspondent who visited the prison, the place is a paradise. Then a captured Somali gets a paradise holiday on the island, which most of us can't even afford to think about.Thus, there you have a chance: if you want to spend three months hanging around in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, all you have to do is become a pirate.

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  • 10 most unusual prisons

    10 most unusual prisons

    10 most unusual prisons

    10 most unusual prisons

    10 most unusual prisons

    10 most unusual prisons

    10 most unusual prisons

    10 most unusual prisons

    10 most unusual prisons

    10 most unusual prisons

    10 most unusual prisons 10 most unusual prisons 10 most unusual prisons 10 most unusual prisons 10 most unusual prisons 10 most unusual prisons 10 most unusual prisons 10 most unusual prisons 10 most unusual prisons 10 most unusual prisons 10 most unusual prisons 10 most unusual prisons 10 most unusual prisons 10 most unusual prisons 10 most unusual prisons 10 most unusual prisons 10 most unusual prisons 10 most unusual prisons